About Keller Graduate School Online

The Keller Graduate School offers an online program for prospective students. This program features flexibility and a wide array of course options covering many areas of study. A few of the available degree options include an MBA, a graduate certificate and a specialized master's degree. Regardless of the degree path, students are guaranteed superior teaching that is tailored to fit around a busy lifestyle.


Many students choose the Keller Graduate School's online option due to its many benefits. For example, students can choose the times and courses that they take according to their unique schedules. Since each course is online, students can access course information and previous lectures at any time of the day. Also, Keller's professors connect to students via the web. As a result, they are easily reachable.


As mentioned previously, students have several choices concerning degree paths at the Keller Graduate School. Currently, the online program offers about 150 courses. Each course offers unique resources that accompany the material. Also, students have the option of choosing a hybrid program. Such a program allows students to participate in online courses as well as engage in classes at a physical campus. Since the program has approximately 90 campuses throughout the world, this option proves very appealing to students.

The online programs for the Keller Graduate School are popular due to the wide variety of available courses and general scheduling flexibility. Each program within the graduate school offers professor assistance as well as lecture information and helpful resources. Prospective students can obtain an advanced degree while maintaining their lifestyle.

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