Is 1400 a Good SAT Score?

Along with grade point average, school involvement and extracurricular activities, SAT scores are one of the most deciding factors when attempting to gain acceptance to a college or university. For many universities, SAT scores are in fact, the foremost determining factor for school administrators when determining acceptance for prospective students. The best way to earn good marks on the SAT exam is through thorough preparation and by taking SAT prep courses to ensure familiarity with the material prior to the exam.

A score of 1400

A score of 1400 on the SAT exam puts a prospective student right around the middle of the pack. The lowest possible score someone can get on the SAT exam is a 600, while the highest possible score one can achieve is a 2400. The average score on the SAT exam for students in 2011 was 1500, so a score of 1400 would end up just below the average at around the 45th percentile. The elite universities and colleges in the U.S. require scores in the 90th percentile, or scores of 2100 or higher.

How to receive a good score on the SAT exam

The best way to earn a good score on the SAT exam is by thorough preparation. SAT prep courses are a great tool for students to familiarize themselves with the material and format of the exam, while receiving instruction, feedback and personal assistance. Studying diligently for a couple of hours at home every day in conjunction with an accredited prep course usually results in good SAT scores.

Since SAT scores are highly scrutinized by school administrators when admitting prospective students, it is imperative to post a solid, impressive score. A good SAT score can make all the difference in getting into a top school.

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